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DeFi Made Safe

Manage Risk
in One App.

WEHODL is your all-in-one DeFi risk calculator app, helping you navigate borrowing with confidence by calculating your Safety Margin.

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WEHODL mobile app - Plan


Plan Your DeFi Success


Simulate Loan & APY: Before you borrow, calculate your potential risk and annual percentage yield (APY) to make informed decisions.


Update your asset quantities and prices to speculate on potential highs and lows, keeping you ahead of the market.


Simplify your DeFi experience by copying existing on-chain loans or seamlessly importing data from any Ethereum wallet address.

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Take control of your DeFi borrowing journey today! Download the WEHODL app now and unlock a suite of powerful features designed to help you plan, speculate, and manage your DeFi loans effortlessly. With WEHODL by your side, you can confidently navigate the exciting world of DeFi while minimizing risk and maximizing your potential returns. Download the app now!

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