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Calculate. Compare. Manage.

WEHODL protects your DeFi loan from liquidation during market volatility.




Calculate Risk
and APY

Plan your loan's health by calculating the collateral needed to borrow against your assets on Aave or Compound. This helps you understand the risk involved and avoid potential liquidation.

WEHODL Web App v2-6-Wallet Connected (8)_edited.jpg
WEHODL Risk and APY Comparison

Compare DeFi Loan Offers

Get loan offers from both Aave and Compound protocols for your desired borrow amount. This allows you to compare rates and choose the option that best suits your risk tolerance and stays within your financial safety net.

Manage Your
DeFi Loans
in One App

Manage your existing Aave and Compound loans directly from the WEHODL app. This simplifies your DeFi borrowing experience by providing a centralized hub to monitor and manage your loans.

WEHODL Manage your DeFi loans in one app
DeFi Protocols We Trust
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