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If you are a true HODLer, you believe that the crypto assets you are HODLing will increase in price appreciation over time like no other investment on the planet. Therefore, there is no incentive to sell them, ever. However, you still want to enjoy their price appreciation before you die.


This can be done through DeFi loans, where you can easily deposit collateral in crypto and borrow any stablecoin against it, instantly. With DeFi, the yearly borrow yield can be as low as -2%, while your asset gains can reach an average of +200% per year.


Moreover, you don't need to repay the loan as long as your collateral continues to cover it, and you can keep it running for an unlimited amount of time. The tricky part is to make sure that your collateral is not liquidated when the market shakes.

With WEHODL, you can now plan your spending strategy based on crypto loans and protect your assets from liquidation.

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